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PRICE: R250 ($17.99) PLEASE NOTE this is a PAL DVD.

Collectors item, a signed DVD of the film.  SIgned by Bonné de Bod and Susan Scott, the two filmmakers of STROOP.  Please indicate what you would like the message to say when you complete your order.
"In this roller coaster ride between Africa and Asia, two first time filmmakers embed themselves on the front-lines of the rhino species genocide where they are given exclusive access to the war unfolding. Carving out six months for the project, the women quickly find themselves immersed in a world far larger and more dangerous than they had imagined, only emerging from their odyssey four years later."

Click in the text box to the upper right of this to ensure the filmmakers know what you want the DVD cover to say, or leave it blank and Bonné and Susan will autograph the DVD cover!


  • Unfortunately, due to the South African postal service, we do not accept returns.  

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