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As filmmakers, Bonné and Susan have been given unprecedented access
to the frontlines of the rhino poaching crisis for their documentary 'STROOP'
as well as for their award winning television series 'Rhino Planet'.
During filming, Bonné has been updating radio stations throughout Southern Africa:


SAfm Enviro Show's rhino update from Bonné de Bod
SAfm 104-107
 do a monthly report on the Enviro Show with Nancy Richards which airs on a Thursday evening on SAfm. In this episode the controversial rhino horn auction is underway by the world’s largest private rhino owner who promises that this will save the rhino from extinction. I discuss the history of legal trade, the many opinions surrounding it and what the auction really entails.


RSG's monthly rhino update from Bonné de Bod

RSG 100-104 FM
 keeps the RSG listeners up to date on the rhino poaching crisis with a monthly report on RSG Landbou. In this addition I talk to Lise Roberts about the latest statistic of 30 rhinos poached in one week. I  discuss my time on the farm with a private rhino owner who lost 9 rhinos in one night to poaching in the Northern Cape. We ask and answer important security questions and look at the fate of the orphans who are left behind.

LANGUAGE: Afrikaans

Radio Today's "Rhino Diaries" from Bonné de Bod

I join Tim on ‘Coffee with Tim and Friends’ monthly on a Saturday morning where I discuss the world of rhinos.  In this program I talk about the latest rhino and elephant poaching statistics as released by government after some delay. I delve into the many speculations around this delay with press reports hinting that there has been an upsurge in poaching since the local moratorium banning domestic trade in rhino horn was overturned earlier this year.  Lastly I touch on Newsweek’s racially inflammatory article about rangers and call it ‘fake news’. 


Pretoria FM's special correspondent on all rhino matters

The department of Environmental Affairs held their first press briefing on the Integrated Strategic Management of Rhinoceros after months of only releasing online statements.  After attending the highly anticipated briefing I update the listeners on what was said as well as the progress made. 

LANGUAGE: Afrikaans

"#Renoster Radar" on Groot FM

I do a monthly show on Groot FM called, #RenosterRadar (#RhinoRadar), with Su-An Müller Marais every first Thursday of the month. This show is about everything rhinos, including positive innovations and technology. This episode is a perfect example of serious mixed with a little bit of ‘light’.  In this addition of the program I report from Nelspruit on a horrific poaching court case where a rhino was poached in the Kruger National Park leaving the rhino with no face but still breathing. We then go into the ‘lighter’ side of things and look at the first rhino with a profile on the dating app Tinder! And we also discuss science that has never been done before, in-vitro fertilization in rhinos.

LANGUAGE: Afrikaans

World Rhino Day on 5FM with Bonné de Bod

It’s World Rhino Day which is a day about rhinos of course! And this day is setup for the world and the world’s media to notice rhinos, to honour them, to appreciate their iconic status and beauty as the world’s second largest land animal and a day where I take the opportunity to remind people of the poaching that is happening. I also discuss how the public can get involved in an initiative called the ‘Dog Food Drive’ that helps with food for the Kruger Park’s K9 anti-poaching dogs. 


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